Rainbow Bridge Fund

January 1, 2019 – Second Chance Thoroughbreds has limited funding available to help pay veterinary services for humane euthanasia of equines. In Memory of Night Fight:  The best horses in Heaven they have no tail. This is a rule they all know without fail. For when a new horse arrives with a short cut bob, they all know that this horse did a very good job.
His owner could not bear to part with her friend so she saved his tail, wrapped in ribbons and in braids, to hold with his memory in a very loving way. To enter Heaven without a tail is an honor, a message, that without fail announces to everyone, far and wide that this horse was more than a wonderful ride. But this horse was loved and cherished by one and when his time serving on this Earth was done he left behind a broken heart and a soul from which he never will part. –Miska Paget 

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