Regala Di Trieste

Pumpkin is one of our current sanctuary horses. “Pumpkin” is a 23 y/o TB mare, who previously foaled 12 lovely horses. She was sold to a girl who kept her a short while and then traded (with a dealer) for a pony in November, where Pumpkin was immediately brought to Unadilla Auction on November 20, 2021. She was ran through the auction at 11:30 p.m., and we were able to purchase her for $1100. Pumpkin is a sweet girl and will be in quarantine for the next month. She is an aunt to American Pharoah and sister to Pioneer of the Nile. Pumpkin is out of quarantine and has been ridden a few times, she is sound and athletic.

Regala at Sequel Stallions

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