Social Club Initiative Gelding Program

Social Club Initiative Gelding Program- 

Social Club, barn name Nico, is a four year old off the track thoroughbred (OTTB) that Second Chance Thoroughbreds obtained from Finger Lakes Race Track on November 23, 2012. At the time, Nico was a three year old colt with a lackluster track record of eight lifetime starts, having never broken his maiden and who had been hanging out in a stall since his last race on September 24, 2012.

We first heard about Nico on Facebook where his trainer’s daughter had posted some thoroughbreds in need of placement. Nico, along with some of his stable mates, were all priced $600 negotiable and all needed new homes by the end of the racing season. His low listing price coupled with the urgency of placement right before winter and the fact that he was an intact colt made him at risk of ending up in the wrong hands or at auction. While many of his stable mates found new homes quickly, Nico was passed over and the urgency to find him a new home grew as his listing price dropped to “free to good home.” The decision was made to bring Nico back to Second Chance Thoroughbreds to ensure the best possible future for the young colt.

Nico arrived to our facility in late November after making the hour and a half trailer ride from the track. Although his coat was a bit dusty, Nico was of good weight and generally happy about being in a new environment. He was given a week to settle in before his gelding procedure was scheduled. Nico was gelded on December 3, 2012, a nearly $300 operation that would make him easier to handle and more desirable to potential adopters and also ensure he would never add to the large number of unwanted horses in the United States. He made a swift recovery from his procedure during the following weeks and was started under saddle for a new career.

Nico turned out to be one of the sweetest, quietest thoroughbreds to have ever passed through our facility. He quickly became a barn favorite and was quiet enough for anyone to ride. Nico found his forever home on February 1, 2013 to a local family who had fallen in love with his sweet personality and easy-going nature. Nico is ridden by the mother and two small children of his new family and even did leadline with a six year old at his first show in July 2013. Once overlooked and urgently needing a home to secure his future, Nico now has a loving family that will pamper him for the rest of his life.

Second Chance Thoroughbreds, Inc. now offers vouchers (when funds allow) for stallions/colts in our area to be gelded, inspired by the success of Nico’s journey from track to new home. Recognizing the need for low-cost gelding procedures, The Social Club Gelding Initiative Program has helped geld 25 colts/stallions since December 2018.nicogelding

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