Bold American

REST IN PEACE BOLD AMERICAN. 21 y/o TB mare purchased by Brian Moore for $550 at Unadilla Auction. Bold had 11 foals before being given away as a riding horse. Bold was sent to auction on December 18th. She was obviously lame, not putting any weight on her hind leg. We purchased Bold for $900 from Brian Moore (he outbid us at auction, we were a phone bid) and on January 2, 2022, Bold arrived to SCT. She was a 2 on the Henneke scale as determined by our vet. She needed 3 weeks to be treated for a URI, gain some strength and weight before she could go to Cornell for further evaluation. During this time she was treated with strong antibiotics to treat the suspected hoof/bone infection, but her condition did not improve. Her spirit and kindness endured throughout her suffering and she was a brave lady until the end. Bold went to Cornell on Jan 24th for further diagnostics to see if they could help her. After further x-rays and a tap, it was determined the infection was in the bursa and the navicular bone. The neglect had gone on for too long, and humane euthanasia was recommended. Bold knew a warm stall, delicious sweet feed, alfalfa and plenty of treats for 3 weeks. We are sorry we couldn’t have saved Bold, but her suffering has finally ended, she was cremated and her ashes will be returned to us. Her legacy never to be forgotten.

Summer of 2021
Bold’s daughter and grandchild – Valiant Passion – Proud Citizen foal
Bold’s grandchild – Valiant Passion x Good Magic
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