Adopted in 2011 and Prior

Second Chance Thoroughbreds, Inc. became an official nonprofit organization in 2012 but has been retraining and re-homing thoroughbreds since 2001.

The following thoroughbreds were placed into new homes prior to 2012. Click on the links below or browse through the drop-down menu above to learn a little more about each horse and where they are now.

JC Name Barn Name Birth Year Color State Bred Sex
Becoming (JC Name Unknown) Gable 25+ y/o Dark Brown ??? Gelding
Bella (JC Name Unknown) Bella 23+ y/o Dark Brown ??? Mare
Carpe Diem Diego 2003 Dark Brown KY Gelding – Deceased
Casual Lunch Reuben 1995 Dark Brown FL Gelding
Electrality Cosmo 1991 Bay PA Gelding – Deceased
Loafer Charlie 2000 Chestnut MD Gelding
McBreez Finnegan 2004 Bay NY Gelding – Deceased
Money Trick Todd 1998 Dark Brown SC Gelding
Mountain Run Moe 1988 Chestnut NY Gelding – Deceased
My Little Love Bacall 1992 Chestnut NY Mare
Pistol Rose Rosie 1996 Chestnut NY Mare
Sunny Boy 'n Ben E Oliver 2003 Dark Brown NY Gelding
Swing Time (No Registered Name) Louie 2008 Gray/Roan NY Gelding
Time Will Tell (JC Name Unknown) Emery 8+ y/o Gray/Roan ??? Gelding
Unbelievable (JC Name Unknown) Leo 15+ y/o Dark Brown ??? Gelding
Whichbushdouprefer Dewey 2002 Chestnut NY Gelding
You Us Air Carl 2003 Gray/Roan NY Gelding – Deceased

Known for their athleticism, heart and desire to please – ride an OTTB today!