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Second Chance Thoroughbreds, Inc. is an entirely volunteer-run organization that needs people like you! Our volunteers help us with a wide range of day-to-day tasks, thoroughbred care and retraining, barn management and through social media.

On-site volunteers help us with:

  • Barn upkeep – cleaning and organizing tack, walkways, etc.
  • General horse care – mucking stalls, watering, feeding, etc.
  • Outside work – picking rocks, spreading manure, painting jumps, mowing, etc.
  • Thoroughbred care and retraining – grooming, handling, riding, etc.

Off-site volunteers assist us by:

  • Networking our available thoroughbreds.
  • Spreading the word about our organization both digitally and in-person.
  • Helping with fundraising events.
  • Writing grants, designing promo material and much, much more!

If you or someone you know would like to volunteer at our facility, please contact us today! No prior horse experience is required and all of our volunteers are supervised to ensure safety while at our facility. Our volunteers are an essential part of our organization and help us immensely, making a huge difference in the lives of our past and current thoroughbreds, as well as those to come! We love our volunteers!

Second Chance Thoroughbreds, Inc.
121 Dawson Hill Road
Spencer, New York 14883
(607) 589-7669
twitter – @SecondChanceTBs

Known for their athleticism, heart and desire to please – ride an OTTB today!